In the Valka and Valga churches will be summer sound festival

Valga-Valka is the southern-most town in Estonia and despite its small size, the town straddles two countries, boasting two languages and cultures. Valga-Valka also has a rich history and a versatile cultural scene. Valga-Valka is a pearl waiting to be discovered.


In the south, Estonia shares a border with Latvia and here Valga town is split in half, the northern side, `Valga’, belongs to Estonia and `Valka’, on the southern side, belongs to Latvia. For years, this created a complicated situation where members of one family, even living on the same street, may have had different citizenships and had to go through customs and border guards in order to visit each other.


Fortunately, after both countries joined the Schengen zone, border points were removed and Valga-Valka is fast overcoming the separation issues. Two different currencies (Euro in Estonia and Lat's in Latvia), languages and cultures still remain, making the town an interesting holiday destination. Where else could you stand, one foot in one country, holding “jäätis” (ice cream in Estonian) in your left hand and other foot in another country, holding “saldejums” (ice cream in Latvian) in your right hand?


Recent years have strengthened the relationship between Valga and Valka, the two halves of the same town, and there are several projects to encourage Valga-Valka to evolve into a complete town again. Perhaps the best example of this kind of co-operation between the two `halves’ is the beautiful scenic 5km walking track by Pedeli river. Much loved by morning runners with a small park area, a family-friendly beach, playgrounds, rollerblading and cycling roads.


You are most welcomed to discover Valga-Valka!

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